Founded in 1921, the Campbell Foundry Company engineers, designs and manufactures a wide range of castings, both ferrous and non-ferrous for the construction industry. Our services include:


In today’s society, the construction industry is crucial as It’s in charge of the structures where people live and work, and the roads and bridges people use for traveling.

Being a leader in supplying construction equipment for demanding industry, we conduct continuous research, along with a high-quality management system, in the development of construction castings, Ensuring the final product is durable and supremely resistant.

We have a strong portfolio of services and products designed to meet desired needs- all backed by a 100-year-old legacy built on reliability and trust. Our research aims to enhance construction equipment performance so it can stand up to wear, friction, and corrosion, increasing its usability and longevity.


It requires specialist knowledge of metals and casting methods to have high-quality casting. When creating a design that will minimize difficulties on the manufacturing floor, understanding the behavior of metal in liquid, cooling, and solid states is critical.

Understanding the relationship between materials and procedures is critical to producing a high-quality and value-added product when designing metal casting. Metal and mold have a complex dependency. Knowing what metal is needed depends on the mechanical qualities of the final product; the behavior of the metal in liquid, cooling, and solid states will define the requirements of the molds.

By gathering information from our enormous database, we offer architects and engineers high-quality service to assist in developing and designing any casting required.

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